What is website insurance.

We are not an insurance company nor do we pay out claims. Website Insurace is a product we created for existing customers. Website Hacking, Script Injections and Server issues are more common today. Therefore, we now offer website protection so your website is not lost forever. Our website protection service includes the following.

  • Before a back-up is completed, we scan the entire website files and images for script injection or malicious code and remove it.
  • Website Back-up is generated after every website change or once monthly.
  • Website Back-up is left in your hosting account. We then FTP the back-up file on our remote server store that is off-line.
  • If your website is hacked, defaced, injected with malware or malicious code we the reinstall the off-line back-up.
Your website is back to normal. Malicous code or malware will seriously hurt any search enigne ranking and may be sandboxed and tagged as harmful. When this happens often you will be forced to build a new site on a new domain as the steps leading to correct this issue in the search engines will often take weeks or even months for approval to get back in the search engines. Our Protection plan is now open to anyone. We will evaluate your site first before accepting your website in our plan.
Non-Clients: 299.00 Annual
For Mass Website Current Clients: 125.00 Annual or included in one of our packages.