Facebook Marketing Tips for Restaurants and Small Business

How to get and stay noticed NOW, and in the future on Facebook.

I've been doing social media marketing on Facebook for years for small business. As a small business, what we did in the past is no longer. I predict these changes will stay in place once we go back to our normal business life. For restaurants and small business owners it can be daunting and overwhelming to try and figure out how to market and stay in front of customers.

I've put together a list I use and implement for my social media customers that you can use. These are the basic stepping stones you can use as a business owner to help get you moving.

First, let me point out two things with Facebook since Covid-19.

  • Facebook has loosened some rules while enforcing others.
  • Facebook has seen a very large increase in NEW users.

There is much more going on behind the desk at Facebook but these 2 items are the only items we will address for these tips.

TIP #1

  • Find groups with common interest to your business.
  • Look for groups that allow you to post as your business profile, not just personal. Doing this will automatically create a link to your business page for viewers to visit, like and follow without you having to post a link.
  • Review rules and guidelines and follow them.
  • Look at other post and comments first. Every group has their own thoughts on how to post and rules. If you see many negitive comments or even worse, a group that does not moderate, that group may not be the best choice to post your business into as it opens your business to possible negitive comments that you can not control.

TIP #2

Organic Post vs Shared Post in Groups for Business Pages on Facebook.

FYI: Followers and friends can share your post in their personal profile and their groups too. The question you may be wondering is what is best for my business.
The answer is: Neither and Both.

ORGANIC POST: If you are able to post as your business page then you should be posting organically (create) in that group. Remember, a link is already created for others to click on if they want to visit your business page. When you post organically, it shows other members you are engaged and speaking to the group one-on-one. You're likley to get more likes, comments and shares from other group members.

SHARED POST: Posting on your business page and then 'sharing' that post into groups is a great tool and saves time. However, don't be lazy about it and write something provided in the box to the group. They will read it and be less likley to bypass or scroll past a 'shared post'. Add a little something like this to promote your business and engage the group members.

"Today we are open at 11am and taking orders till 6pm for curbside pick-up. Call us to place your order 386-123-4567"
"It's Meatloaf Monday! A fan fav ! We're taking your phone orders starting a 11am for pick-up and delivery. 386-123-4567" Last call to order is 5pm and we close at 6pm."

Writing a message will engage the reader and viewer oppossed to just sharing the same message everywhere. Make it personal and fun, talk to the viewer both organically or with a shared post.

You see, neither is the best or worse but how you choose to do so, what the message is and how you respond to comments in that group.

TIP #3

Using Hashtags

Using hashtags is great! (#socialmediatips ) Facebook has a search box that allows users to search for what they are looking for in groups and their personal profiles. Facebook primarly finds post using hashtags, business name and category. Facebook offers limited categories for business, so if someone can't find you by business name or category, whats left? Hashtags and Groups.

-Use keywords in your post. #keyword
EX: Top 3 Tips for business to boost your #socailmediamarketing.
-Use only hastags related to your business or industy. #bestmarketingtips
-Use one primary or two max hashtag's in your message post unless otherwise called for. Post the remaining at the bottom of the post horizontally and not vertically.
-Use trending hashtags. #covid19businessopen
(how to find trending hashtags is a whole other subject)

-Use Capitals #Don'tUseCapitals.
-Use more than 5-7 per post.
-Use more than 3 words per hashtag.      #doyouthinkanyonewillsearchforthis
-Use more than 2 hashtags directly in the post.
-Use the ampersand sign unless called for and recognized universally.
#flowersandgifts #fish&chips

Some groups, mostly private and closed groups do not allow for the use of hashtags. Check group rules before making your first post.

Final Sample Post:
How to get your business noticed on facebook now, and in the future. #socialmediamarketing is changing fast and I'm offering my Top 3 Tips to get you going and stay in front of customers.

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